Sifting through countless resumes and still not finding the right fit? Tired of high turnover among your sales teams?

We can help you find your next star employee.

Our Experience:

Over the last three decades, we’ve built a reputation for being the best recruitment support resource for hi-tech software, hardware and IT services firms. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to our valued clients— this results in high-powered sales teams to support you in reaching your company goals. With our deep experience and knowledge, we’re able to quickly locate and recruit the top sales people, pre-sales systems engineers and sales executives.

Our Process:

We have a meticulous, thorough recruitment process we dedicate to all of our candidates. In today’s competitive market, you need a partner with a proven, organized and tailored method of selection and placement. Every search we launch consists of the following:
- Client interview and needs examination
- Determining characteristics of ideal candidate(s)
- Developing a strategic, cohesive plan of recruitment based on results of our analysis
- Thorough screening of our appropriate data pools for quality candidates
- Interview strategy and execution
- Constant client communication and updating
- Pooling and distinguishing top potential candidates
- Discreet reference checks
- Preparing candidate job offers
- Follow-up and new hire analysis

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