Let’s Talk Money

It’s that uncomfortable part of every job seeker’s journey to a better opportunity—the salary discussion. Part of my job is to negotiate salaries, so I know it can be touchy subject. But without a recruiter to have the “money talk” for you, how do you ensure you’re paid what you’re worth? Here are some tactics I’ve seen work over the years:

Speak up
Ask and you shall receive…something, at least. Don’t expect to get what you want right out the gate. You will need to be direct in communicating your wants. If it’s more money, say it. If it’s a relocation package, say it. If it’s stock options, say it. Now’s the time to negotiate the terms of your employment, not after you’ve already been hired.

Be realistic
Not all companies have the cash flow to offer up huge monetary incentives right out the gate. If this is the case, you may want to negotiate incremental pay increases based on performance, bigger commission percentages or bonuses. Remember that cash is not the only pawn you have to play. Incentives can come in the form of more time off, flexible work schedules and benefits. Just make sure all that’s promised is written down in your offer letter and/or contract.

Be bold
Be resolute if the offer given to you is less than you deserve—lean in! You don’t have to be combative and make heavy-handed demands, but you may have to be willing walk away if the answer is no. Above all, stand up for yourself and do what feels right for you and fits your career goals. It’s better to turn down a job offer that you don’t want than be stuck in position that you hate.

What negotiation tactics have worked for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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