The Truth about Millennials in the Workforce

We’ve all heard of the plight of the Millennial. The child that was over indulged in her youth, treated as if he was extraordinarily “special,” and is now looking for affirmation and adoration wherever they may land. In the workforce, some consider them more of an Achilles heel rather than an asset.

At Kaczmar & Associates, we completely disagree. We’ve had the pleasure of placing millennials in promising positions where they are thriving and employers are benefiting from the not-so-new kid on the block. Here’s the truth about what we’ve seen from this misunderstood generation of workers:

Authenticity – After living through the public collapse of Enron, it is refreshing to see a generation demanding transparency from corporations. This transparency makes everyone more accountable, even the employee. This also speaks to the fact that Millennials have been at the root of social media and authenticity is social media’s core value.

Family First – It was once customary to show your commitment to a company by staying late, working weekends and putting your job first before anything else. Millennials feel quite the opposite—they demand quality time with their family. This doesn’t mean they aren’t hard workers, or that they work less. Quite the contrary, they manage their time and use technology as their tool to make them more efficient. And ultimately this makes them happier people, which result in happier employees.

Power in Collaboration – Millennials thrive in a collaborative setting. This not only comes from their ability to multitask but also from confidence. They don’t see their boss as an expert but more of a mentor/coach. They value their superior’s opinion but also have the resources and tools to develop their own. We often forget that there is amazing value in collaboration because an individual usually takes the credit for his/her masterpiece. But take a closer look, because behind every figurehead there is most likely a very powerful collaborator.

Purpose – What is most refreshing about millennials is that they don’t work for the paycheck; they work for a purpose. This reminds me of my father’s generation, who took such pride in the company that they worked for and the values it held. There wasn’t conversation of big salaries and bonuses, but why their work mattered. Companies that are looking to make a difference and do right by the employees and the world – whether it is environmental or social – and will capture the hearts and careers of millennials.

Before you pigeonhole that millennial sitting across from you at an interview, I hope you’ll remember some of the finer points of this generation. We certainly do.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s your take on millennials in the workforce?

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